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David Esebua

David Esebua

Paralegal +995 322553880
Main Areas of Practice:

Contract and Obligation Law, Employment Law, Corporate Law.

Key Sectors:

General Business Law, Surrogacy and Donation Legal Issues.

David Esebua is a paralegal at MKD Law. He joined the team in 2023 and became actively engaged in the work process. During the past period, he has displayed a generous and professional attitude towards the job.

David is involved in contract, obligation, surrogacy-donation legal regulation, and corporate law. His work experience includes the provision of legal assistance to organizations such as the Embassy of Japan in Georgia and Gebrüder Weiss.

David’s duties also entail the preparation of various corporate documents, legal memorandums, and research.

Prior to joining MKD Law, David’s experience encompasses working/doing internships at one of the law firms, an arbitration institute, and a medical institution. He also participated in several local moot courts.

David holds a bachelor’s degree from Free University School of Law.