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26 July, 2022



On July 25, 2022, the "Radio Liberty" published an interview with Mr. Bernhard Odehnal.

In response to a journalist's question, which contained quotations from the July 18 press release of MKD Law, Mr. Odehnal mentioned:

"I don't think that the Swiss media, in any case, the publications with which I cooperate, really received any press release from the Georgian side. Besides, they wouldn't need it, because Ivanishvili and his team have hired a famous Swiss lobbyist - the former Swiss ambassador to Germany, Thomas Borer. I am sure that Mr. Borer would have provided similar information to the Swiss media. I am sure that we did not ignore such information. So, I don't understand what the claims of the Georgian firm are based on."

We confirm that the client does retain the services of Mr. Borer, who has indeed established communication with a number of Swiss publishing houses, television and radio stations. Unfortunately, Mr. Odenhal is wrong when he claims that the Swiss media would not ignore the information we provided. This is confirmed by extensive correspondence with representatives of various media groups. Despite close communication, no articles have been published to date and no stories have been prepared around the circumstances that have been highlighted from our end.

In case of interest, we are ready to provide Mr. Odenhal with the necessary information so that he can judge the issue objectively. Moreover, we are ready to explain the importance of the issue to the Swiss banking system and the state and to cooperate with it, if it decides to cover the issue itself.