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12 March, 2024

Enhanced Responsibilities for Businesses Post-Implementation of Georgia's New Personal Data Protection Legislation


On March 1, 2024, Georgia's new legislation concerning the protection of personal data came into effect, ushering in stricter legal standards in this vital domain. To address the implications of this development for businesses, MKD Law organized a webinar on February 23, 2024. The event delved into key aspects outlined by the new law, including:

  • Newly granted rights to data subjects
  • Revised protocols for implementing direct marketing
  • Establishment of the Personal Data Protection Officer role
  • Mandatory assessments for data protection impact
  • Prescribed actions in response to incidents involving personal data
  • Requirements for documenting data processing activities
  • Protocols governing audio surveillance
  • Procedures for appointing a designated representative within Georgia by entities processing data outside the country
  • Significance and protocols surrounding profiling
  • Penalties for breaches of personal data processing regulations

Leading the webinar were:

Ani Nozadze: A compliance specialist at the "Compliance & Risks" Ireland office, focusing on global regulations, with a specialization in personal data protection. With over a decade of experience, Ani has worked extensively within both public and private institutions, addressing diverse legal issues in Georgia and Ireland. Notably, from 2017 to 2018, she served as the Head of the International Relations Department at the Personal Data Protection Inspectorate. In this role, Ani played a pivotal role in the development of new legislation, managing international data transfers, and addressing various other topics related to personal data protection.

Ekaterine Kokichaishvili: A senior lawyer at MKD Law, Ekaterine boasts a decade-long tenure specializing in personal data protection. Her clientele spans diverse sectors, encompassing both international and local entities in industries such as IT, e-commerce, pharmaceuticals, and construction. Noteworthy among her clients are prominent companies like Wizz Air Hungary, Google Inc., Inc., Herbalife Nutrition Ltd, Lenovo Group Limited, Apple Inc., Visa Cemea Holdings Limited, Nokia, and Synergy Construction LLC, among others.