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29 January, 2024

Legislative Adjustments in Taxation for the Gambling Business


The changes in the Georgian Tax Code will come into force on January 1, 2024. Namely: The changes will apply to the rules of taxation of persons - organizing slot machine salons, games of chance organized in systemic - electronic form, and money withdrawn by the player from the gaming account or cash register.

The object of taxation with income and profit tax has been determined for individuals and legal entities, that receive income from the organizing slot machine salons and/or games of chance organized in systemic-electronic form. This taxable object is – the difference between the bets received from the players and the winnings paid out to the players.

The income and profit tax is 15% of taxable income derived by a person from the organizing gaming machines. The recording period for tax payment and declaration is a calendar month.

At the same time, the rate of income and profit tax on the amount received by a person from organizing games of chance organized in systematic-electronic form is also 15 percent.

The amount won by a person, participating in non - systemic - electronic gaming machines is taxed at the source of payment at the rate of 5 percent.

For a person, participating in games of chance organized in a systemic-electronic form (except for promotional draws organized in systemic-electronic form), income taxable object is the amount withdrawn by him/her from the systemic-electronic gaming account and matches to 5 percent.

Prepared by: David Esebua