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18 January, 2017

Students awarded in 2017 Mgaloblishvili Kipiani Dzidziguri Scholarship Contest

Now in its fourth year, this scholarship was established by the firm to encourage the efforts of meritorious TSU Faculty of Law students and to offer them additional financial support for accomplishing their educational and professional goals.

The contest committee awarded the 2017 scholarship to Keti Barbakadze, a third-year student who demonstrates a combination of excellent academic performance, diverse extracurricular involvement and high aspiration to succeed in jurisprudence.

This year’s award ceremony was a symbolic one, as it was dedicated to the firm’s twentieth anniversary. To honour this occasion, two additional special prizes for meritorious work were awarded to Tamta Margvelashvili and Andranik Minasyan.

Every year, the scholarship candidates demonstrate greater academic performance and dedication to mastering the field of legal science, and selecting a deserving student is an increasingly difficult process.

In his address to the attendees of the award ceremony, MKD’s managing partner, David Dzidziguri, noted: “The young generation is the future of our country and progress is impossible without education. Education is the pathway to the success of this generation and to the country’s wellbeing, which is why MKD is happy to support these students by both offering them some financial assistance and sharing practical experience through different initiatives.”

Dean of the TSU Faculty of Law Irakli Burduli also spoke about a range of joint projects being carried out by the Faculty with MKD’s support. “This is one of several law firms the Faculty cooperates with in Georgia, but the only one which has been working with us steadily for eight years already”, he added.

At the end of the ceremony, Tamara Tkeshelashvili and Mariam Antia—members of the MKD management board who are also TSU graduates—thanked all the applicants for participation in this scholarship contest and encouraged them to take part in forthcoming contests to be announced by the firm in spring.