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13 October, 2016

Mgaloblishvili Kipiani Dzidziguri (MKD) Joins Nextlaw Global Referal Network

MKD partner Victor Kipiani said, “In addition to the full range of legal services we provide to our clients in Georgia, joining Nextlaw Global Referral Network enables us to direct them to top tier lawyers in other jurisdictions when they require legal counsel and business advice there. We are glad our clients get access to the best legal experience both in Georgia and across the regions.”

Jeff Modisett, Nextlaw Global Referral Network CEO said, “We’re proud to have Mgaloblishvili Kipiani Dzidziguri as part of our network. We’re only as good as the quality of our member firms and MKD makes us stronger and better able to meet the needs of our other members’ clients in Georgia.”

Nextlaw Global Referral Network was created by Dentons, the largest law firm in the world. The network, which is free to join, employs a detailed screening system to guarantee the quality of its member firms and has developed proprietary technology to allow members to identify lawyers at other member firms with the appropriate experience where clients need legal counsel.

About Nextlaw Global Referral Network

Nextlaw Global Referral Network is the client focused legal referral network created by Dentons, the world’s largest law firm. Nextlaw Global Referral Network is the largest legal network in the world. It’s free to join, open to all high-quality law firms regardless of size and does not grant geographic exclusivity to its members.  This enables the network to connect clients of member firms to the best lawyers with the appropriate experience in the locations where clients need legal counsel. The network utilizes a proprietary technology platform to help member firms research, contact and rate the performance of network members in order to guarantee that clients receive the highest quality legal advice and business solutions.

About Dentons

Dentons is the world's first polycentric global law firm. A top 20 firm on the Acritas 2015 Global Elite Brand Index, the Firm is committed to challenging the status quo in delivering consistent and uncompromising quality and value in new and inventive ways. Driven to provide clients a competitive edge, and connected to the communities where its clients want to do business, Dentons knows that understanding local cultures is crucial to successfully completing a deal, resolving a dispute or solving a business challenge. Now the world's largest law firm, Dentons' global team builds agile, tailored solutions to meet the local, national and global needs of private and public clients of any size in more than 125 locations serving 50-plus countries.