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29 September, 2016

Mgaloblishvili Kipiani Dzidziguri (MKD) Offers legal advise on the matters of Anti-Corruption Law

The firm advises on the matters related to corruption and conflict of interests in public services as well as on the tools of prevention and elimination of corruption risks for the legal entities of private law, both commercial and non-commercial./Over the years, MKD has been acting as a local counsel for major international law firms, preparing and regularly updating overviews of recent changes in Georgian legislation on conflict of interests and anti-corruption drive in public institutions.

Upon the thorough analysis of the applicable laws and practice, the firm has also worked out anti-corruption policy for the companies. The policy documents provide legal and organizational measures, main principles, goals and purposes which are necessary for the prevention of corruption and elimination thereof.

For the purpose of obtaining professional legal advice on the matter related to the anti-corruption issues, please feel free to contact:

Victor Kipiani (Partner) –;
David Archvadze (Lawyer) –;
Sandro Samadbegishvili (Lawyer) –