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2 April, 2013

Paata Kiknavelidze has been presented as the candidate to the Parliament of Georgia

Ivanishvili personally presented his party's candidates at the main office in Tbilisi. All three are lawyers and among them Paata Kiknavelidze, lawyer  at Mgaloblishvili Kipiani Dzidziguri (MKD). He will be elected from the Bagdati constituency.
According to Ivanishvili, it is no accident that all the candidates are lawyers. "We have elected to parliament our favourites athletes and actors, but their work there does not satisfy us so thereby it is necessary to strengthen the majority with law-making professionals," PM said.
Mr. Kiknavelidze is qualified in commercial litigation, international arbitration and administrative law. His legal practices, while working at the firm, include successful representation and advice on a number of high-profile matters both at domestic and international level.