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28 January, 2019

Mgaloblishvili Kipiani Dzidziguri (MKD) contributes to the 6th edition of ‘Arbitration World’

Arbitration World is a practical guide for both parties and practitioners to arbitration law and practice, enabling its readers to assess the comparative benefits and challenges of arbitrating in a wide range of jurisdictions.

The Georgian chapter, prepared by MKD’s lawyer Sandro Samadbegishvili and partner Irakli Mgaloblishvili, provides an overview of arbitration in Georgia’s jurisdiction and a practical summary of general trends and recent developments in Georgian arbitration legislation.

Georgian arbitral institutions, as in many other jurisdictions, continue to develop their rules, legislation and infrastructure in order to support and promote arbitration procedures and to attract parties to resolving their disputes under their auspices. In this regard, a comprehensive legal framework that complies with international standards and a number of experienced arbitrators play a crucial role in creating an attractive environment for international businesses in Georgia.

MKD’s close and continued co-operation with highly successful global law firms is clear evidence of its lawyers’ profound expertise and true dedication to the highest professional standards.